Spring/Summer 2023 Newsletter

June is New Member Month!

We plan to have at least one low-mileage (LM) trip on the calendar for each weekend in June. If you are you an assistant organizer (AO interested in leading a trip, check out our Trip Repository for ideas!

Are you someone who’s been thinking about doing some backpacking? This is your perfect opportunity to get some miles on those shoes!

Have you heard of the City Kids Wilderness Project?

Their mission is to build resiliency, broaden horizons, cultivate community, and develop skills for success in DC youth through a long-term, cohort-based model that utilizes both the wilderness and urban environment to encourage growth. This summer, CKWP is taking an adventure to Jackson Hole, Wyoming!

DC UL Backpacking supports City Kids through an annual donation — and you can support them too!

Spring/Summer Hiking Tips

We’re still in that shoulder season between late spring and days that feel like summer. Spring can bring mud and colder-than-expected temperatures. Don’t forget to pack layers, bring a change of socks, and maybe stow a towel and plastic bag for the car.

The West Rim in March, 2023. Photo credit: Mark

Stunning Trip Reports

Just in case you haven’t noticed, we have some exceptionally skilled story tellers among us. Our recent trip reports will make you laugh, cry, and shake your head in empathy. We also have some incredible photographers!

Do you have an idea for a newsletter? Can you contribute a backpacking tip or recipe? Email us at dculbackpacking@gmail.com.

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