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Many DC UL members have a number of hiking accomplishments, from tackling our annual events such as Massanutten or the Four State Challenge to completing thru-hikes or section hikes of long trails. Cheers to their accomplishments!

Complete the 72 miles of the Massanutten Trail over 3.5 days. A few have completed it over two days. The “Mega” version entails both the northern and southern loops over 4.5 days.

  • 2010 Classic: Evan (Whiskey Fairy), Brett
  • 2011 Classic: Evan (Whiskey Fairy), Andrew M. (Hang Gilder), Stephan, Alan
  • 2012 2+ day: Evan (Whiskey Fairy), Max N. (Yeti), Mark (Mountain Slayer)
  • 2013 Classic: Max N. (Yeti), Andrew M (Hang Gilder), Brian (B~~~), Michael (U-Turn); Shelby (Shamrock), Dan (Heavy D)
  • 2014 Mega: Joffrey (Beast Mode), Jason (The Red Rocket), Andrew (Hang Glider), Michael (U-Turn)
  • 2014 Classic: Mimi (Pringle), John (The Look), Karan (B.A.), Hans, Sharon G (MacGyver), MikeVW (Eeyore), Jen (Shuttle), Upasana (UPS), Brian (B~~~), Miles (The Most Interesting Man in Americuh)
  • 2014 2+ day: Joffrey (Beast Mode), Mimi (Pringle), Trevor (Turbo), Dave M (EZBake), Sophie, Steve M., Michael M. (U-Turn), Hua (Blue Blazes)
  • 2015 Classic: Andrew M (Hang Glider), Jeff
  • 2016 Mega: Sharon (MacGvyer), Steve (Baconater), Will (Savage)
  • 2016 Classic: Gen (Magnet), Andrew M (Hang Glider), Evan (Whiskey Fairy – 4th time!), Alison (Pretty Good Cover Girl), Matt S. (Prius), Merritt, Steve L., Genevieve (Radiance), MikeVW (Eeyore), Michael M. (U-Turn)
  • 2017 Classic: Gen (Magnet), Andrew M (Hang Glider), Evan (Whiskey Fairy), Brian (B~~~), Matt S. (Prius), Steve (Baconator), Erik (Boomerang), Chris T., Brian C., Kevin (Superman), Adrian G., Mark (Mountain Slayer), Logan, Sophie, Dave M (EZBake)
  • 2018 Classic (also known as the “Slush-anutten”): Andrew M (Hang Glider), Andrew L (Camel), Brian H. (B~~~), Bryan A. (Wolverine), Gen S. (Magnet), Jeff B, Steve G (Baconator)
  • 2018 Classic (also known as the “Makeupanutten”): Evan (Whiskey Fairy), Max! (Everclear)
  • 2019 Classic: Brian H. (B~~~), Bryan A. (Wolverine), Cassie, Mark (Mountain Slayer), Peter S. (Corpse Feet)
  • 2019 Classic, Fall Edition: Kyle, Mark (Mountain Slayer), Sophie
  • 2020 Classic, Social Distancing Editions: Evan (Whiskey Fairy), Greg (Sock), Brian (B~~~~), Sophie (Scrapple), John (DOC), Karan (B.A.)
  • 2021 Classic, Spring Edition: Kyle (Water Dog), Shaf, Michael M. (U-Turn), Dmitri, Jim (Whole Lotta Cheese), Jonathan (Shenanigans), David O., John M., Kylie (Faceplant), Karan (B.A.)
  • 2022 Classic, Spring Edition: Michael M. (U-Turn), David O., Logan

Four State Challenge
Backpack the 44 miles stretch of the AT from the Virginia border to the Pennsylvania  border in 24 hours, with nights spent out on both ends.

  • 2013: Michael (U-Turn) – ~15; Travis; Max (Yeti); George; MMA
  • 2014: Joffrey (Beastmode) – 14:36; Kylie (Faceplant) – 14:36: Will (Savage) – 14:38; Trevor (Turbo); Bryan (Wolverine); Dave (EzBake) – ~15:45; Hua (Blue Blazes)
  • 2014 Re-Run: Mimi (Pringle) – 17:40; Trevor (Turbo) – 17:40
  • 2015: Karan (B.A.) – 13:26; Dave (EzBake) – 15:15; Sharon – 15:35
  • 2015 Winter SOBO Version: Victoria B. – 16:59 
  • 2016: Will (Savage) – 13:15; Dave (EzBake) – 14:56; Sophie – ~15:40; Dan (Heavy D) – ~16:45
  • 2017: Evan (Whiskey Fairy) – 19:18; Gen (Magnet) – 11:50, running time; Shane; Max! (Everclear) – 11:30, running time; James – 13:12; Dave (EzBake) – 15:45; Dy; Andrew (Camel); Steve (The Baconator) – 19:18; Brian C; Trevor (Turbo); Sophie (Scrapple); Russ – 14:59:41; Will (Savage) – 13:37
  • 2018: Gen (Magnet) – 11:24, running time; Kyle S – 16:25; Jeremy – 15:36; Claudio (Tarzan) – 15:38; Sophie (Scrapple); Steve (Crusher)
  • 2019: Jeremy – 13:17, Sophie (Scrapple)
  • 2021: Karan (B.A.) – 14:03; Alex C. – 14:03; Chandler (Willy Wonka) – 14:55; Jonathan (Shenanigans) – 15:01; David O – 15:08;  Adrian – 15:26; Alex D – 15:38; Brad – 15:38; Brian (B~~~~); Alexander*; Steve (Baconator); Susanne (Cascade)
  • 2022 50-Miler Version: (David Lesser Shelter to Pen Mar): Karan (B.A.) – 17:02; Jonathan (Shenanigans) – 17:45; David O (Spiderman) – 17:45
Appalachian Trail (AT)
Hike all 2100+ miles of the Appalachian Trail.
  • Thru-Hikers: Brian (B~~~~), 1997; Gen (Magnet), 2004; Max (Yeti), 2007; Kylie (Faceplant) 2013; Erik (Boomerang) and John (Dizzy), 2016; Steve (Crusher) and Claudio H. (Tarzan), 2017; Susanne (Cascade) 2020; Adam (Too Early) 2021; Chandler (Willy Wonka) 2022
Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)
Hike all 2600+ miles of the Pacific Crest Trail .
  • Thru-Hikers: Erik (Boomerang) 2019; Jonathan (Shenanigans) 2015; Susanne (Cascade) 2021; Alex Chew (Chewy) 2022; Kate Scott (Dirtnap) 2022; Steve Lentine (Crusher) 2022
Shenandoah 500 (SNP 500)
Hike all 500 miles of trails in Shenandoah National Park
  • Claudio H. (Tarzan), completed in 2019
Continental Divide Trail (CDT)
Hike all 3100 miles of the Continental Divide Trail
  • Gen (Magnet), completed via unicycle, 2012
Iceland Crossing
Hike across Iceland
  • Michael (U-Turn) and Max (Yeti), completed in 2012
Kungsleden (Sweden)
Hike all 440 km (270 miles) of Kungsleden.
  • Jen (Shuttle), Brian (B~~~~), Denise (Haley’s Mom), Dan (Heavy D), Michael (U-Turn), Evan (Whiskey Fairy), Max (Yeti), Andrew (Hang Glider), Mike (Eeyore), Mark (Mountain Slayer), thru-hike completed in 2013
John Muir Trail
Hike all 210 miles of the John Muir Trail.
  • Jen (Shuttle), Brian (B~~~~), Denise (Haley’s Mom), Kevin (C&C), Mimi (Pringle), thru-hike completed in 2014
  • Andrew C, thru-hike completed in 2017
Long Trail (Vt.)
Hike all 273 miles of the Long Trail.
  • Brian (B~~~~), thru-hike completed in 1999
  • Dan (Heavy D) and Steve (Crusher), thru-hike completed in 2016
  • Kylie (Faceplant), multiple hikes, finished in 2021
Mid State Trail
Hike all 323 miles of the Mid State Trail (Pa.).
  • Michael (U-Turn), Karan (B.A.), and Brian (B~~~~), section hike completed in 2016
  • Jen (Shuttle), Evan (Whiskey Fairy), and Kylie (Faceplant), section hike completed in 2017
  • Sharon G (MacGyver), section hike completed in 2018
Tuscarora Trail
Hike all 252 miles of the Tuscarora Trail.
  • Michael (U-Turn), Karan (B.A.), and Mimi (Pringle), section hike completed in 2014
  • Jen (Shuttle), section hike completed in 2017
ADK 46er
Climb all 46 High Peaks in the Adirondacks.
  • Michael (U-Turn); Kylie (Faceplant); Victoria; Hua (Blue Blazes); Andrew L. (Camel)

*Hiker didn’t hike from Pen Mar park to the MD/PA border

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