Liability Waiver

As part of my membership in DC UL Backpackers on (hereinafter “DCUL”), I hereby freely and voluntarily agree to the following representations, waivers and agreements:

1. I UNDERSTAND and ACKNOWLEDGE that participation in backpacking and other activities planned by DCUL can result in death, bodily injury, (especially if I am not properly equipped or physically or medically prepared) and/or loss or damage to personal or public property.

2. I UNDERSTAND and ACKNOWLEDGE that these activities take place under a variety of weather conditions, difficult and changing terrain, and other mechanical and environmental hazards of outdoor activities.

3. I REPRESENT that I have no physical or medical condition which, in my knowledge, would endanger myself or others while I participate in any DCUL event or activity.

4. I UNDERSTAND and ACKNOWLEDGE that DCUL, its volunteer organizers, volunteer assistant organizers, trip leader(s) and members are responsible only for trip planning, organization, and leading, and are not responsible or liable for my personal welfare and safety. I am solely and completely responsible for choosing outings that are within my physical and medical ability level, for taking proper clothing, provisions, and equipment along on outings to provide for my personal comfort and safety, and for making appropriate decisions in response to terrain, elevation, and weather conditions and their inherent hazards (such as but not limited to falling, falling objects, lightning, avalanche, hypothermia and injuries caused by others) to ensure my safety.

5. On behalf of myself and my family and spouse, my heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives, assignees and successors in interest (hereinafter “successors”), I ASSUME ALL RISKS for my personal safety, death or any injury I may suffer and/or the loss of or damage to my property, or the property of others caused by me, while participating in any DCUL activity.

6. I HEREBY AGREE to forever HOLD HARMLESS and INDEMNIFY all persons and entities identified above from any and all liability for death, personal injury or property damage resulting in any way from my participating in DCUL events of any kind. It is my intent to extinguish any liability on the part of DCUL and its members for my death, injury or damage I may suffer as a result of my participation in any DCUL activity.

7. I FURTHER AGREE that I or my successors shall not make a claim against or sue DCUL and/or any of its members for death, injury or damage I may suffer that results from the negligence or other act or omission, however caused, of any member of DCUL in connection with my participation in any DCUL activity.

8. I AGREE that should I or my successors assert any claim in contravention of this agreement, I or my successors shall be liable for the expenses (including legal fees) incurred by the other party or parties in defending against such a claim.

9. This document contains the entire agreement between the parties and if any term of provision of this agreement is found invalid or unenforceable, the remaining terms and provisions of this agreement shall remain binding and enforceable.

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