August Newsletter

Slogan Contest

Remember our slogan contest from earlier this year? One of our contest winners, Herman, sent in photos of himself on a recent backpack in his DC UL t-shirt.

Herman’s slogan was “Weigh Your Options” — a hashtag we’ve been using on Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks for the great slogan and the photos, Herman!

August Trips

August was as hot and humid as ever in the mid-Atlantic, but we were able to get out for some great backpacking.

Are You Whacking the Bushes, or Are the Bushes Whacking You?

The stinging nettles weren’t nearly as bad as I remembered. We didn’t even need to put on pants!

Kylie, from the Haystack Knob Trip Report

Say what?

Haystack Knob (Photo Credit: Karan)

We Had Paris!

This trip to the Appalachian Trail Rollercoaster came about as a companion to the Haystack Knob trip, which was already full.

I was feeling melancholy. Neither my glass of Loire wine, nor some ripe Brie cheese, nor the faint strains of accordion music from the cafe across the plaza soothed me. I read and re-read the RSVP list on Karan and Kylie’s Roaring Plains/Haystack Mountain trip without seeing the usual attrition of a DCUL trip. I was too deep into the waitlist to get in on the trip. My weekend backpacking plans seemed doomed to fate. Scratching my beret, it occurred to me—mon dieu!—I should just post a trip of my own! I had only one question: where? Borrowing inspiration from all around me, I chose Paris! Paris, Virginia.

David O.

Fall is Just Around the Corner

If you’re an assistant organizer trying to dream up cooler weather trips, why not revisit U-Turn’s 2014 Best Backpacking in the Mid-Atlantic for some inspiring trips for the fall? Do you have a favorite trail guide? Share it with us in the comments!

Martin, Michael R.. AMC’s Best Backpacking in the Mid-Atlantic: A Guide to 30 of the Best Multi-day Trips from New York to Virginia. United States, Appalachian Mountain Club Books, 2014.

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Banner photos from our trip to Seneca Rock/Chimney Top. Photo credit: Alexander.

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