How To: Gear Organization

How do you organize your gear? And why would you want to stay organized? It makes packing for trips a breeze, for starters. It’s time to get creative!


Use your closet space along with plastic bins, boxes, and containers to keep your gear organized and categorized by use.

brian gear storage
When looking for a new place to live, the main question is: does it have a closet big enough for my gear? Photo credit: Brian H.

Coat Racks

We don’t have a photo of this one. But we’ve heard that coat racks (hint: Ikea) can keep gear easily accessible in small spaces.

Repurposed Shoe Storage

jen map organize
Looking for a way to organize all your maps? Look no further. This is a shoe organizer. Photo credit: Jen A.

Jen A. credits this idea to Pinterest. It’s certainly a useful and creative way to organize your map stash!

Rooms, Basements, Garages

will gear garage
Will F. notes that this is the only finished room in the basement. Photo credit: Will F.
Trisha C. stores her gear on a wall with hooks. Photo credit: Trisha C.

How do you store your gear? Share your best tips with us!

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