Quarantine Life: Setting Up a Home Gym

We’ve said it before—DC ULers are an active bunch. As we settle into our new routines, many are looking for ways to stay active and fit while social distancing at home. But how do you carve out space to exercise at home? 

If you’ve met DC UL member Trisha Christian, you’ve probably heard about her impressive home gym setup. Christian has built up her home gym for the past three years and took time to share some of her lessons learned for those who are looking to create a similar space of their own.

First, you’ll want to find a spot in your home—whether it is a house or an apartment—where you have room to lay down flat in both directions. While it is nice to have a dedicated space, it isn’t necessary—the main goal is making sure you have space to execute the exercises you plan to do. And, as Christian notes, it is more about having the dedicated mindset to set out and accomplish your routine. 

For equipment, a mat is helpful. Weights are also good to have—it’s likely that many of us have weights lying around our homes. A jump rope can provide an excellent workout. Further down the road, Christian would also recommend getting a bench if you have the space for it.  If you’re considering using household items to substitute as weights or equipment, Christian advises caution here as it may be hard to determine the capacity and durability of those items. A better approach would be to consider bodyweight exercises—push-ups, for example—that you can execute safely.

How are you exercising at home? What tips do you have?

Good form is also essential to executing exercises safely, but what’s the best way to do that at home? Christian has found value in videos that feature trainers who deliver a lot of instructions and clearly explain the exercises—going into such detail as where your feet should be or what your wrist should be doing. This allows you to follow along and adjust according to their direction.  If you’re able to set up your exercise space by a mirror, this is a good way for you to check your form. If not, Christian recommended using your phone to record your session—then you’ll be able to see if you’re doing the exercise correctly and can see what you need to adjust.

Christian also noted the benefits of joining online groups where you can connect, offer encouragement, and obtain tips. These groups can be helpful as you navigate your at-home workouts, providing you with connection during this time. 

How are you exercising at home? What tips do you have?


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