10 Years of DC UL: Daniel

DC UL Backpacking is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2019. As part of the celebration, we’ll be featuring conversations with group members throughout July and August.

Daniel joined DC UL in 2011 and has attended over 80 events. You may know him as “Heavy D,” a trail name he earned when he brought an “absurdly heavy pack” on his first trip. We’ve all been there, Daniel.

You’ve been with DC UL for a while. What brought you to DC UL? And what keeps you coming back?

I was looking to hike more ambitiously and improve my skills. The extraordinary people and trips keep me coming back.


What’s been your favorite trip so far?

It’s hard to pick just one, but among my favorites was the Colorado Trail hike I went on back in 2015. The sun was shining (mostly), the views were spectacular, and there were laughs aplenty. The moose were cool, too.

What do you like best about DC UL?

The smart, capable, and fun people. They really make the group. The depth and breadth of many members’ outdoors experiences impress, too, and elevate the group for everyone. And, of course, the great variety of beautiful places we go.


What advice do you have for newcomers to DC UL?

Watch, learn, and practice!


Where do you hope to go in the future with DC UL?

Anywhere new (to me): I like going to places I haven’t been to before.

All photos courtesy of Daniel from his Colorado Trail trip.

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