Dolly Sods Winter Fun

After the usual RSVP fluctuations for a cold winter trip, Kyle, Joe M., Joe (Mtn F*ker), Stuart, Karan (B.A.), and I set out for Dolly Sods on Saturday morning There was no sign of winter (except for the frigid cold) until the last few miles of mountain driving. We were starting to think the past... Continue Reading →

The Cozy Confines of Corbin Cabin

“YOU CAN’T CAMP IN THE PARKING LOT!” screamed a voice from a nearby house. We had pulled into the Old Rag Parking lot outside of Shenandoah National Park (Skyline Drive was closed, as usual, during foul winter weather) seconds before and were accosted by our unknown heckler immediately after stepping out of our vehicles. Sophie,... Continue Reading →

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