Trip Report: Spooky Hollow Danger, Bigfoot Warnings, and a Spider-Man Sighting (Susquehannock Trail System Thru Hike—85 miles, May 26-30, 2022) 

Every year, DCUL features a 5-day Memorial Day thru hike of one of Pennsylvania’s long trails. As our leader, Karan, posted in his trip description: we just “pick a long Pennsylvania trail and hike the thing!” This year he picked the 85 mile Susquehannnock Trail System (“STS”) trail. DCUL hiked the 100 mile Donut Hole... Continue Reading →

Trip Report: To Hell(‘s Delight) and Back; DCUL’s Heaven & Hell Trip (The ”AT-CAT”— Maryland’s Appalachian Trail/Catoctin Mountain Trail Loop) Nov. 19-21, 2021

Frustration seethed through Alexander (Mr. Woo). The late morning of the day of the Heaven & Hell trip, Adrian, who had previously committed to being a driver for our point-to-point hike, couldn’t use his car as he expected. I commenced the puzzle-like process of reforming carpools and the shuttle plan—a process made complicated by Maryland’s... Continue Reading →

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