July Newsletter

Wilderness First Aid (WFA) Scholarships

DC UL Backpacking has three partial scholarships available to help obtain your Wilderness First Aid certification. Applications will be open through 5 p.m. Eastern on August 15, 2021. To be eligible for the scholarship, you must be a current or aspiring assistant organizer and commit to leading three trips (two low mileage, one of any rank) within a year after the award. Interested? Fill out the form below.


Goodbye, Whiskey Fairy

This month, we bid farewell to Evan, aka Whiskey Fairy, who is leaving for Canada in August.

Where are you going? Will you come back to visit us?

I’m departing for Ottawa, Ontario on August 4 for a three-year assignment at the U.S. Embassy. I might not return to visit DC UL as much as meet up (pun intended) with the crew in the Adirondacks, in north PA, or on an epic trip somewhere more exotic. I’m sure to live back in the DC area at some point again too. Even if it’s four or more years from now.

Are you preparing?

I’m already prepping with some great guides. I’m excited to explore the trails of Ontario and Quebec. I have my eye on a few, from medium length trails in Algonquin National Preserve to longer trails like the Bruce Trail and the La Cloche-Silhouette Trail — plus section hiking the Trans Canada Trail! I’m also pumped to be a few hours driving from the Adirondacks. I’m sure I’ll focus on becoming a 46er over the next few years. Also, I bought an Alpacka packraft after seeing how many lakes and rivers are up in glaciated Canada. It’s a great time to expand my outdoor horizons.

Your favorite DC UL trip ever?

I think it has to be the Massanutten Trail. Nothing beats it for proximity, importance to the group, and overall combination of Virginia hiking highlights. Plus, it’s quite the little challenge.

“This is what you must remember: the ending of one story is just the beginning of another.”

N.K. Jemisin, The Fifth Season

You’re gonna make us lonesome when you go, Evan. Tailwinds!

Gear for Sale

One of our members, Asheesh, is selling a Western Mountaineering Sequoia GWS sleeping bag. It’s been very lightly used and is in very good condition. If you’re interested in learning more about it, reach out to Asheesh or one of the co-organizers to be connected. connected.

Trip of the Month: Loyalsock

If you haven’t gotten a chance to look at the trip report from our mid-July Loyalsock trip, take a moment to check out the beautiful photos from our fern-tastic hike. “You cannot go wrong with the Loyalsock Trail” – Karan (B.A.)

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