Meet a CO: John

At DC UL, we couldn’t do what we do without our remarkable group of co- and assistant organizers. That’s why we’re featuring some members of our organizing team on Instagram and the blog. 

These are some of the people thinking of trips, writing and posting the trip descriptions on Meetup, planning the route and carpool logistics, and then carrying out the trips, making sure that everyone is prepared and safe. When the trip is over, they’ve scoped out a place to grab some grub with friends, new and old.

We’ve asked them some questions so you can get to know them a little better.

DC UL Co- and Assistant Organizers, we see what you’re doing out there, and everything that goes on behind the scenes. We appreciate you!

Meet Co-Organizer John, trail name “DOC.” He has attended or led some 50+ trips, including VA’s Triple Crown, Loyalsock, Tuscarora, Massanutten, and much, much more!

Favorite trail food: It used to be “high end” ramen but now I would say Mini Babybel cheese. I’m trying to eat some real food on the trail.

Favorite trail socks: I recently switched from Wright Socks to Darn Tough. I’m a big fan of Merino wool. 

Wind River Range. Photo credit: Kylie L.

Something to know about me: My trail name DOC has nothing to do with medical training but I do provide many over-the-counter pain meds to hikers on DC UL trips!  To get the actual meaning and story, you’ll have to come hiking with me. Excedrin Migraine is my specialty.

Favorite DC UL trip: I would say my favorite DC UL trip was the 2015 section hike of the Colorado Trail.  We had a great group, incredibly beautiful trail, and near perfect weather. My mother grew up in Denver, so I like travelling to Colorado but unfortunately do not get the opportunity often.

Wind River Range. Photo credit: Cassandra T.

Favorite piece of gear: Three way tie between Enlightened Equipment Revelation 20 quilt, Caldera Keg cooking system, and my new Yama Mountain Gear Sassafras backpack. The craftsmanship and design details in the Sassafras pack are amazing. Gen (of Yama Mountain Gear) is an artist!

Thanks for chatting, John! See you on the trail.

Are you interested in becoming an assistant organizer? Read more on our site.

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