Trip Report: Miyuki, and Others, Explore White Rocks

It’s a big world, and Miyuki was ready to explore it. She’s the ultimate ultralighter with a base weight of 0. Water–just drink it from a puddle. Food–got a human to carry it. Big three–got the same human to carry it. The paparazzi were out in full force, capturing every adorable move she made.

Miyuki joined DC UL for a low-mileage women’s trip to White Rocks. It was a muddy, muddy path that dipped up and down, and then eventually started to climb up the ridge. Miyuki took position at the front, then at the back, and then at the front again. She thought the humans were rather funny in how they crossed streams by hopping on rocks–don’t they know it is much better to splash around in the water, she thought? You get so clean.

Just a wee bit muddy. Photo by Carrie P.

They arrived at camp by 4 p.m. Rather smart, Miyuki thought, was their decision to set up camp in case the rain started early. And this was a nice campsite–it had flat areas perfect for relaxing, and it was just a few steps away from the White Rocks she kept hearing about. The humans finished their preparations, and then they joined Miyuki for the scramble to the overlook. And what a view it was! Miyuki could see all the way to Massanutten and even Shenandoah.

It was a good place for a dog to nap. Miyuki dozed off, listening to the humans talk about travel, Peloton bikes, and other human things. Eventually, they all got hungry. One human bought margaritas to share, but the real prize, thought Miyuki, was the salami treat. Another human got a fire going, and it was time for Miyuki to doze off again.

Backpacker midnight came, and the humans drifted to bed. Their timing was perfect as the rain started in earnest just around 9 p.m., and didn’t let up until mid-morning on Sunday. Miyuki donned a fetching rain jacket, and then journeyed out with the humans. The rain eventually let up during the walk out, and then everyone arrived back at the cars. A stop at the Backroom Brewery gets two paws up for being dog-friendly.

Miyuki was joined by three newcomers to DC UL — congratulations to Melissa, Lauren, and Kim for their first trip with DC UL and becoming members! And a kudos to Kim for a great fire on Saturday night.

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