Trip Report: Where’s All This Water Coming From?

Danielle and I decided that her introduction to DCUL should feature and all-time classic: the Massanutten Valley. Now, there are a number of routes that incorporate bits and pieces of the 73-mile ridge-line trail that circumscribes the valley. We certainly didn't have the time for the full-Massanutten. Even the half-assanutten would have been difficult to... Continue Reading →

Blue Sky and Smiles Galore for the Makeupanutten

It had all of the traditional ingredients: a returning Massanutten finisher (me), a first-time finisher (Max!), a Halfassanutten participant (Sophie), a Mininuttener (Sharon), a trail injury sacrifice (Chris), a new variant finisher we will call the Markanutten (Mark, duh), and lots of trail magic.

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