ADK week #3 trip report

I had this trip on the back burner for a few years.  It involved easier logistics than flying out West, since I could just throw gear and food in the car and drive.  Steve was game for the trip since he had the vacation time remaining due to missing the Utah trip due to an... Continue Reading →

Trip Report: Spooky Hollow Danger, Bigfoot Warnings, and a Spider-Man Sighting (Susquehannock Trail System Thru Hike—85 miles, May 26-30, 2022) 

Every year, DCUL features a 5-day Memorial Day thru hike of one of Pennsylvania’s long trails. As our leader, Karan, posted in his trip description: we just “pick a long Pennsylvania trail and hike the thing!” This year he picked the 85 mile Susquehannnock Trail System (“STS”) trail. DCUL hiked the 100 mile Donut Hole... Continue Reading →

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